10k9 (Cani-cross)

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September 10th 2017

General information

The Cani-cross is part of the 3 peak challenge 10 km route, the only difference is you can run with your beloved pooch, we get many people asking if they can run with their dog so we have made it happen, with a separate individual medal and a slightly later start (10.30) this run isn't about taking it to seriously, its about joining other Dog owners and having FUN.

To make the event inclusive to all who want to run, you can run with either a Harness or a normal dog lead.

5 km (Approx)

The Cani cross (5km) will leave Symondsbury within site of Colmers hill and follow the footpath to Allington hill, its a nice mix of woodland, trail and track
as you run along the hill and loop back to Symondsbury the views of the countryside are a delight.

10 km (Approx)

The Cani cross (10km) will leave Symondsbury and will also follow the tracks and trails circumventing the Woodland of Allington hill, after a brief run on some tarmac (Linking the tracks), we head North for Dottery and the openness of Dorset, the iconic Colmers can be viewed in the distance (but we don't go up it) its track, trail and open countryside all the way back to a great medal and coffee.

More info (Approx Distances +/- 200m)
The route

The route will follow footpaths and tracks, this is rural Dorset and there WILL be gates and Stiles these may have a 'dog latch' or 'dog gate' to the side of them, which can be lifted to enable a dog to get through, its not very hilly, and we ask that you respect the countryside.

What ?

Cani-cross can be run with one or two dogs, always attached to the runner. The runner typically wears a waist belt, the dog a harness, and the two are joined by a bungee cord or elastic line that reduces shock to both human and dog when the dog pulls.

Who ?

Not only can all breeds run but people of all ages and abilities can take part. Including children and the disabled such as the visually impaired. Some breeds are very well suited to not only running and pulling but running at steady pace over a long distance. It encourages people and their dogs to take part in outdoor activity and meet other like minded individuals.

Why ?

Why not, its something different and a bit of fun, with lots of dogs and dog owners, it should be a great fun day out, although not specifically timed, you will get a rough time at the end.


£ 10.00


£ 15.00

Event Location

Miles cross farm

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H20 Stations
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Dogs can run this event

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