10 Mile fitness test (TEN MILE TEST (TMT)).

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Feb 2018

This will test your fitness to the max, its extremely tough and is used by the British army to test the fitness of its soldiers, you will most defiantly have to train for this event, do not think you can just turn up chuck a rucksack on and go, it will hurt and it will hurt everywhere and without training you will have blisters on your blisters, on your feet , your hips, the tops of your legs and your shoulders, still think your fit.

The Annual Fitness Test (AFT) is designed to assess soldiers' lower and upper body strength and endurance. The test was formerly known as the Combat Fitness Test – and is still colloquially known by soldiers as the CFT, our event will be known as the TMT(Ten mile test).

The test within the British Army is quite simply a 10 Mile Run/Forced march carrying between 15 kg - 25 kg depending on the Army unit conducting the test, you would normally complete the test in Boots and carrying a weapon, and in under 2 hours.

Beyond events 10 Mile (CFT)
Our 10 Mile test can be entered as an Individual or a Team and each person must carry 15 kg (33 lbs each) of kit in a rucksack,(but no weapon) you will need to complete the event in Boots, we strongly advise you wear in your BOOTS so that you know if they fit correctly, and this will also help to stop blisters.
Boots will support the weight better than a pair of trainers.
Your kit will be weighed before you start and again at the end, you should endeavour to avoid carrying dead weight (Rocks or sand) if you can as these items will just weigh you down and make your event less enjoyable, we have attached a kit list below to assist in the types of things you should carry.
Also there is no time limit, its about entering and finishing, if you can.

The run will be on Track or road.


The Individual competition is open to anyone (Not the feint hearted), and like all the other events will see you carrying all your Kit (15 kg) yourself.


The team competition is a team of four with the first three times being used to score. One person can enter all four team members below you can also enter individually but they will need to enter the same team name in the appropriate section so we can link the members of your team together, teams are started in 3 minute intervals the order of which will be drawn from a hat 1 week before the event start.

10 Mile run

Along the same route but is a straight 10 mile run, standard running kit.

Event medals / Prizes.

Every entrant will receive an individual event medal, and there will be prizes in the following categories

Individual winner Male/Female

Individual winner Female/Male V40+

Team winners each member (4)

If you would like to read more about the AFT/CFT, click here

10 Miles

£ 30.00


10 Miles

£ 100.00


10 Miles

£ 15.00

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